Stupid smelly hippies

Wouldn't it be nice if these useless parasites could ship off somewhere else, say China or North Korea or some other beloved shithole of theirs. It'd be two less on the welfare list for starters.

Apparently these clowns spent 11 days in some joint American-Australian military exercise area undetected and that's supposed to be some sort of major security thing. It's a sad reflection upon the education system in this country that these half-wits don't even know that if it weren't for the U.S. Alliance they hate so much, that sign would be in Japanese or German and they'd be the forced concubines of some Japanese big-shot.

Look at them, they're obviously high on pot most of the time, believe in some peace-now, kumbaya, give-communism-a-chance nonsense. As I said earlier it'd be so nice of we could ship them off to some communist/socialist, America-hating shithole. Unfortunately I believe whichever country they choose would most likely reject our request to take them in.

After all, why would any communist/socialist shithole take another two useless parasites?

So I think we're stuck with these losers, and so I'll end by saying, put down the joint, take a bath, use some soap for love of.... and get a job wankers!

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  1. hate to break it to you bro, ausfailia is pretty communist already


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