Socialized Health - Waiting... waiting... waiting...

Perth Now - A WA emergency patient recently waited more than 45 hours for a hospital bed, according to a national report. The report, a snapshot compiled for the Australian College of Emergency Medicine, found WA still had the worst emergency department overcrowding in Australia. The snapshot of 79 emergency departments Australia-wide was undertaken at 10am on Monday, June 1.

......“Half of Australia’s training hospitals have patients waiting for an inpatient bed more than 12 hours after that bed was formally requested,” ACEM president Sally McCarthy said. “Even though politicians and health departments have been shown the facts and even though patients are still dying while waiting for beds, there has been no significant improvement in access block since this time last year.”

The only thing you can be sure of with socialized health is that there will be report after report after report, inquiry after inquiry after inquiry, gobbling more and more of your money every year but nothing will change. Consider yourself lucky if the waiting doesn't get longer.

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  1. Socialized medicine, once limited to political organizations, has seeped into groups like the American Medical Association, have expressed their concerns about Obamas plan for health. I congratulate the physicians who continue to oppose political chatter and promote the valuable services they provide to our nation.

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