An easy fugitive - Berta, a seventy-five-year-old circus tortoise that escaped from its cage earlier this month in Madison, Wisc., will be reunited today with the Zerbini Family Circus in time for a week-long run of shows in Elizabeth. "He started to walk and couldn't find his way back," said circus owner and producer Alain Zerbini, 61. "It's not like he's a dog.".

The 114-pound male tortoise is "like a pet," to the Myakka City, Fla. based circus. He has been with them for nearly 15 years, said Zerbini. "I felt terrible, very, very bad, because it was part of my family," said Zerbini, a seventh-generation member of the circus. The tortoise is popular with audiences because of his size, said Zerbini.

If nothing else, he can't run very fast, once he's been sighted, that's it for old bugger, you can take your time to catch him. You can even let him carry on a bit longer if he wants, it's not like he can go anywhere real fast you know. I hope the old bugger enjoyed those 6 days on the run, here's to hoping he found a real succulent patch of grass or something, whatever it is that does it for tortoises. :)

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