Pray for PFC Bowe R. Bergdahl - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton slammed the capture of a US soldier by Taliban forces in Afghanistan as "outrageous" and vowed to do "everything we can" to free him, in an interview aired today. "We are attempting to do everything we can to locate him and free him,'' Mrs Clinton, on a visit to India, told US television network ABC in New Delhi. ......"I mean it's just outrageous. It's a real sign of desperation and inappropriate criminal behaviour on the parts of these terrorist groups,'' Mrs Clinton said.
When she uttered the words, "everything we can", it was a lie and it'll remain so. The Hussein administration has already started dealing with terrorists and a precedent has been set. One that simply cannot be reversed without someone paying for it with their life.

Now just suppose that Hillary isn't an evil bitch and is actually quite sincere about doing "everything we can", spot the other utter shit that she spouted on the matter, "inappropriate criminal behaviour". Like we're talking about a bunch of teenagers spraying grafitti or something and they need like a timeout or no-tv-for-a-week! I couldn't believe it when I first read it. If she's not outright evil and callous, then she's the dumbest cow over on the left and that's saying something.

No way, you can't be that stupid and hold so much power, how the hell can someone so stupid become the Secretary of State of the most powerful nation in the world? I don't believe that, so she must be an evil bitch.

So pray for him folks, apart from the US Military, no one else can help him out, certainly not his commander-in-chief or the above weasel. Those assholes probably want to file a missing-persons report and leave it at that.

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