Leftist ideology must trump reality

Daily Mail - Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman has dismissed Tory support for marriage as 'hypocritical moralising'. Miss Harman ended a week of Labour and Tory rowing over gay rights and family life by attempting to slap down Conservative plans for tax breaks to encourage marriage. ......Mr Cameron has already promised support for marriage, and his party is ready to accept a report prepared by its former leader, Iain Duncan Smith, which will call for tax breaks for married couples and laws to make divorce harder.

Labour has, however, spent its 12 years in power stripping marriage of its financial and legal privileges while insisting all forms of family relationship are equally good. ......The political wrangling on family policy comes as research was published showing married couples are much more likely to establish stable families. Mothers who live with their partner are more than twice as likely to become single parents than married mothers, it found. ......And a major study by the Children's Society charity has said that children do best when brought up by two parents with a long-term commitment to each other.

It revealed children of separated parents are 50 per cent more likely to do poorly at school, be unpopular with other children and suffer from behavioural difficulties, anxiety and depression. Last year a paper from the Department for Children, Schools and Families said that stable families are better for children and acknowledged that 'some family forms face greater challenges than others'. However Labour leaders have remained firmly convinced that money rather than family structure is responsible for children's difficulties.

Never mind, the children, never mind the break down of society, never mind the evidence, the facts and all that.The leftist ideology of homo rights, homo=great and everyone else sucks always trumps. Why, it's almost as if they really want society to turn to shit, that they really don't give a shit about children, parents, families or anything good, but they just can't admit it publicly. If only the voters out there didn't have to only learn after everything's turned to shit.

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