Only one way out of this mess - THE families of Melbourne's victims of violence say more police and harsher penalties are needed to stem the bloodshed on our streets. There was a sickening familiarity when Bill McCormack, Robyn Macready-Bryan and Shane Mitchell watched coverage of the latest violent attacks in Melbourne. Each cast their mind to a mother, father and brother, somewhere in Melbourne who had received that call telling them their loved one was the latest victim, the Herald Sun reports.

Mr McCormack, whose son Shannon died after he was assaulted outside QBH nightclub in May 2007, said the only way to stem the bloodshed was to have more police in the city. "We need a bigger police presence on the street - police can save lives just by being there, they don't even have to do anything, just be there," he said. ......"It has to be supported by increased police on the streets and backed up by the government and the judicial system. We need to provide more social and sporting activities to provide an outlet for these young people, particularly young males."

Yes, more police and a tougher judicial system will help, but only if both will happen and neither will. I'll tell you why, more police won't happen because that requires more money, which we don't have. A tougher judiciary won't happen either because they are not accountable to us, if a judge lets some piece of shit off with a light sentence you can't do a damn thing about it.

Even if by some miracle all the stars and planets align and this actually happens, I guarantee that it will not remain in place for long, that is just the way it is when it comes to government. The only thing you can do is to allow the law-abiding the right to defend themselves with the means that you have failed to remove from the criminals. Until we do that, we will continue to weep and call for someone else to do something that they either can't or won't.

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