Another muslim scumbag yearning to kill us - MELBOURNE man Shane Kent has pleaded guilty in the Victorian Supreme Court to being a member of a terrorist organisation and being involved in preparing a terrorist act. ......He pleaded guilty to one count of intentionally being a member of a terrorist organisation between July 2004 and November 2005. He also pleaded guilty to one count of making a document connected with the preparation of a terrorist act. ......His supporters sobbed in the dock after he was taken into custody. The court was told he was very depressed and highly anxious and was undergoing psychiatric treatment.
Oh pass the damn kleenex please, the poor baby is depressed and needs a shoulder and a lap to cry in you know. These things happen, I'm sure some meanie was mean to him when he still a baby back in the day you know, not his fault really. American imperialism, this wouldn't have happened if they'd just bent over and grabbed ankles after 9/11. So what if he went to Afghanistan and coddled with Osama Bin Laden!

So what if he planned to blow up a couple of thousand people at a fully packed stadium in Melbourne! Nothing to see sheeple, move along. Word is the fellow is more likely to escape any serious jail time over this and don't be surprised if that happens, we've gone all soft and fluffy over Islam, burying our heads in the sand, Islam=peace, jihad=self-improvement and all that crap.

If you ask me, this piece of shit should be loaded onto the first C-130 heading to support our troops fighting these scumbags over in Afghanistan and he is tossed out somewhere over the general Afghan airspace, and he can consider himself blessed if someone straps a parachute to his ass before tossing him out.

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