Naive western appeasers

Adelaide Now - A WOMAN wearing a Muslim headscarf was told by a Sydney bus driver to take off her "mask" because it was against the law to wear it on board. Australian-born mother of two Khadijah Ouararhni-Grech was wearing the pink floral headscarf known as a niqab when she tried to board the HillsBus vehicle at Merrylands Rd, Greystanes. "As I was stepping on to the bus, the driver said: 'You can't get on the bus wearing your mask'," Ms Ouararhni-Grech told The Daily Telegraph.

I heard this woman on talkback radio this afternoon and the impression I got was that she was just itching for a bit of attention for her precious muslim cause. She was waffling on about how the niqab was her right, it's a free country, she has rights, where is the tolerance and all that crap. The radio host was a bit soft on her but he did ask her some revealing questions like what would she do when a policeman asked to see her face. She replied that she would ask him to send a female police officer to check her id and her face.

I must say that even the conservatives on radio were defending her right to walk around like some sort of floral ninja which surprised me, even the newspapers and editors were all on her side. Last I heard, the driver is going to get a proper ass-whipping and the company will be bending to the muslims' every need. Ultimately the talking heads and her supporters feel that because she is muslim, she has special rights. Anyone who opposes her yearning for the spotlight and grievance-mongering is nothing but a piece of shit racist. Never mind that she's actually a white woman who 'reverted' [her words] to Islam. If you're white or non-muslim, then screw you, show your face, no calling a female officer or any such nonsense. If it's a muslim, start stretching your backs, it's bending time infidel scum!

I know they don't give a rat's ass, but to all those yearning to appease, welcome, snivel, grovel and roll out the red carpet for Khadijah, here are some examples of how you infidel morons are repaid for your tolerance, for your appeasement, for your understanding.

Muslims in Tanzania - Two church buildings were razed Sunday night (June 28) on the island of Zanzibar after worship services. Suspected radical Muslims set the church buildings on fire on the outskirts of Unguja Township, on the Tanzanian island off the coast of East Africa, in what church leaders called the latest incidents of a rising tide of religious intolerance.

Muslims in Somalia - Islamic extremists have beheaded two young boys in Somalia because their Christian father refused to divulge information about a church leader, and the killers are searching Kenya’s refugee camps to do the same to the boys’ father.

Muslims in Somalia - Muslim extremists early this morning killed a Christian convert in Mahadday Weyne, Somalia, 100 kilometers (62 miles) north of Mogadishu. Al Shabaab Islamist militia shot Mohammed Sheikh Abdiraman to death at 7 a.m., eyewitnesses told Compass.

Muslims in Uganda - His bride’s family did not attend the couple’s wedding, Edema told Compass, and it wasn’t long before her relatives threatened to break up their marriage. With Samusa’s family threatening to forcibly take her from Edema, the couple fled Lotongo village to Yumbe town. Their troubles had just begun. “The Muslims started sending people, saying that I am not wanted in Yumbe town and that I should leave the town,” Edema said.

Muslims in Indonesia - Members of several Muslim organizations joined a demonstration on June 27 to protest construction of a Huria Kristen Batak Protestant (HKBP) church building in Plaju, outside of Palembang, capital of South Sumatra Province.

Muslims in Egypt - Separate cases of sectarian violence in two villages erupted in Egypt last week, shaking the country’s Coptic Christian community as Muslims attacked their homes and security forces imposed curfews in an effort to maintain peace.

Muslims in Malaysia - With the Kuala Lumpur High Court in Malaysia scheduled to determine the legality of the word “Allah” in non-Muslim literature tomorrow, what is at stake goes beyond the sanctioned name for God among non-Muslims in the majority-Muslim nation. Such a limit on free speech in Malaysia is especially biting for Muslim converts to Christianity; already the Malaysian government does not recognize their conversions and marriages and still considers their offspring to be legally Muslim.

Muslims and honor killing - As many as 5,000 women and girls lose their lives - most at the hands of family members - in "honour killings" around the world each year, according to the United Nations. Up to a dozen have died for the same reason in Canada in the last decade, and it's happening more often, says Amin Muhammad, a psychiatrist who studies honour killings at Memorial University in Newfoundland. ......Kingston, Ont., police are now investigating that as a motive in the deaths of three teenage sisters and an older female relative who were found in a car submerged in the Rideau Canal in Kingston on June 30. The girls' mother, father and brother were arrested on Wednesday and charged with first-degree murder.

Muslims in Dubai - Two senior Australian executives are in jail in Dubai over alleged property-related bribes. ......Both men deny any wrongdoing, and on Thursday will appear before a court that will decide whether to grant them bail. Their Australian lawyer, Martin Amad, said the men were arrested on January 25 and have since been held without charge in solitary confinement. "They are allowed out of their cell for a maximum of 45 minutes a day," Mr Amad said. "They have no sunlight or fresh air and they have very limited contact to their families and extremely, extremely limited contacts to their legal representation in Dubai."

And some of us cry like stuck pigs about Gitmo!

When you look at places where muslims are dominant, you can see that infidels aren't tolerated, respected or welcomed, you can waffle on all you want to about human rights, tolerance, freedom, setting examples and all that. You can run around providing halal meals and handle the koran like a beating heart for muslims, but out the real world, it's only our dumbass offering all these luxuries.

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