Life in a common-sense-free zone

TopNews - The flow of radical Islamists from Germany to training camps in Pakistan has doubled this year, the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung reported Sunday without naming any source. German police monitor the so-called homegrown terrorists, mainly from the Turkish and Arab immigrant communities, who volunteer to fight on the Islamist side in Pakistan or Afghanistan.

"This year we have so far logged 40 Pakistan-bound departures among the German Islamist crowd," a senior German security official was quoted saying. In the corresponding months of last year, only half as many departed for training. The men commonly used flights via Syria, Egypt or Turkey. Many returned home to Germany after spending time in the camps. Hat tip Jihad Watch.

Common sense would dictate that once these merry jihadists head off to pakistan, whackistan or any other islamic shithole they choose, that the authorities would quietly delete their citizenship records from the database, so to speak. That way when Akbar and Jamal return from 'death to america', 'infidels whores are theirs for the taking', 'dhimmists', 'jizya' and all that, Hans at customs can tell them, sorry ol' chap, you're going to have to head on back to that islamist shithole and the camels you love so much.

But then common sense was banished long ago from the western world, now any old muslim welfare-queen hating on the west is considered exactly the same as a Christian refugee or immigrant. And so Akbar and Jamal are allowed to return from their voyage of jihad to the western world to spread their brand of life and we hope to catch them before they blow some of us to pieces. And we wonder why the western world is slowly dying out.

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