Take em' to the cleaners

FOX News - A California mom says her public school administrators violated her daughter's First Amendment rights when they ordered the seventh-grader to take off her pro-life T-shirt. Anna Amador has gone to court on behalf of her daughter, who she says was ordered by her principal to change her shirt on "National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day." The shirt the girl was wearing displays two graphic pictures of a fetus growing in the womb.

The incident occurred in April 2008 at McSwain Elementary School, a K-8 school in Merced, Calif. Amador alleges in her legal complaint that school Principal Terrie Rohrer, Assistant Principal C.W. Smith and office clerk Martha Hernandez mistreated her daughter and denied the girl her First Amendment rights when they ordered her to leave the cafeteria and change her shirt.

Look at the picture, it's not like there's blood and gore on display or something, but the pro-abortionists can't even stand that. Goes to show how flimsy and fragile their case for knocking off the unborn any time, any place and for whatever reason is. I hope she sues them to the highest court in the land and takes the bastards to the cleaners. Leftists love to sue for all sorts of reasons, so let em' enjoy a bit of their own medicine.

By the way, where is the ACLU on this, isn't free speech a liberty they care about? Oh sorry, i forgot, my bad, the only free speech the ACLU gives a damn about is the t-shirt that says 'F@#k America' or something like that.

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