A fine lesson in weaseling

FOX News - Sotomayor, a federal appellate court judge, repeatedly declined to give her view on abortion, but expressed dismay that her former boss would say that he "guarantees" she'll support abortion rights. "I know for a fact I never spoke to him about my views on abortion, frankly, on my views on any social issue," Sotomayor said in response to a question from Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas. ......The federal appellate judge also told members of the committee that she was never asked by Obama for her views on "any specific legal issue."
And she refused to actually give an answer on her actual views on abortion. Never mind what others have said, she refused to take an actual position. And we're supposed to believe that she's not pro-abortion any time and for any reason. And we're supposed to believe the pro-abortion Hussein O would have picked her not knowing her stance, that he doesn't give a toss either way. Yeah, and the fairies are coming around for tea later.
......Coburn also pressed Sotomayor for her views on gun control, asking the judge whether a person has a fundamental right to possess firearms and a right to self-defense.
Again the latina refused to answer, she weaseled something about the law and all that. It's not a difficult position, you're either for gun control or you ain't. It's only hard to spit it out when you're trying not to look like a biased, racist, elitist, freedom-hating, leftist sack of crap.

She also gave some weasel-words about the smack-down she got over her racist rulings against the Connecticut fire-fighters and her supremacist rantings about latino women being wiser than everyone else. Top marks for weaseling folks, top marks. And heaven help you if you're of the wrong skin color or political persuasion and end up before this woman.

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