Drought-stricken Perth: One last laugh at distinguished Australian zoologist Tim Flannery

People have been laughing at his alarmist climate prophecies for years now but I can't resist one more dig. See the graphic below. Fuller version here. The article has gone offline at its original source, "The West Australian" newspaper (originally June 25, 2004) but some pesky people keep copies of things.

Now read the latest news:

Winter rains pound Perth, and there's more to come

Perth has woken up to a cold and wet winter day, as a series of strong cold fronts brought drenching rain overnight and into this morning. The official rain gauge in Perth recorded 30.4 millimeters of rain since 9am yesterday, but Bickley in the Perth Hills recorded 52.6 millimeters, giving a welcome boost to the city's water catchments. Further south, Manjimup recorded 58 millimeters, while Whitchcliffe recorded 55 millimeters.

The rain is set to ease up this afternoon, but showers will again increase tonight with the chance of a thunderstorm and strong, squally winds. The weather will gradually deteriorate across south-west Western Australia during the next few days in the lead up to a period of cold gales, thunderstorms and heavy rain on Monday. By Tuesday around 30 to 50 millimeters of rain is likely across the southern Central West, Lower West and South-West, lifting July totals to within striking district of the long term average. The area from Perth to Margaret River should be the wettest, with more than 50mm for some.

The heaviest rain should occur early Monday as the strongest in a series of fronts crosses the region. Monday will also bring thunderstorms and gale-force winds, with gusts potentially exceeding 100kmh in coastal regions south of about Perth.

The showers will clear on Tuesday but yet another front is set to bring further widespread showers to South-West WA by around Thursday next week.


Tim should stick to what he knows about: Animal fossils

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