Leftists persecuting the little guy for their racist

FOX News - New Haven firefighter Frank Ricci, whose reverse discrimination claim is at the center of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor's most controversial ruling, now finds himself in the cross hairs of the judge's supporters. Sotomayor's backers are urging reporters to probe what one called the "troubled and litigious work history" of Ricci, according to McClatchy Newspapers.

Sotomayor rejected Ricci's reverse discrimination claim in an appeals court decision but the Supreme Court reversed that ruling last week. Republicans point to Sotomayor's decision as evidence she might let her personal and political views -- particularly a belief in racial preferences for minorities -- influence her decisions. But supporters of Sotomayor are apparently trying to shift the focus on Ricci.

What the hell does this fellow's life have to do with the nomination of their racist latino? Think about it, sotomayor rejected his claim and it wasn't Ricci that then kicked her racist ass back down, he had nothing to do with the Supreme Court reversal. They looked at her ruling and found that she's a racist and a probably a fool, so they corrected it, end of story. Ricci didn't posses magical powers or something to make those other judges see the lefties racist latino nomination for what she really is.

If anything, they should be demonstrating why the Supreme Court reversal was wrong and their racist latino isn't really that, but no, like your everyday bully and thug, the left are going after the small target, the more vulnerable one. Forget his rights, dig baby, dig, if only they'd feel the same way about the rights of terrorists trying to murder people.

People for the American Way, a liberal advocacy group, and other advocates urged the newspaper to dig into Ricci's background, specifically an earlier 1995 lawsuit the firefighter filed contending the city of New Haven discriminated against him because he's dyslexic. They also cite Hartford Courant stories from the same period detailing how Ricci was fired by a fire department in Middletown, Conn. -- allegedly, Ricci said then, because of safety concerns he raised.

Ricci is a hard-working American who was done over by a racist leftist, so you'd rightly expect those that purport to be for the 'American Way' to actually give a shit about people like him, but no, that's not really what they're about. Like all leftists, what they say and what they do are totally different, if they had any balls or integrity they'd rightly name themselves, 'leftist scum for the leftist way'.

And the democrats insist they're the party of the little guy, yeah my ass! I really hope that gaggle of clowns masquerading as Conservatives called the Republican party will help this fellow out and protect him from the vile leftist scum desperate to get their fellow racist into a position of power.

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