New Zealand gets its Maori criminals back -- and doesn't want them, unsurprisingly

There is already a big crime problem with Maoris in N.Z. itself. From much experience with Maoris I have observed that they have very little concept of private property -- other people's private property, anyway. The article below just refers to "New Zealanders" out of political correctness but if you didn't already know the real story, the names of the persons mentioned below give the game away. They are Polynesian names. So don't get a bad impression of our "Pakeha" brethren from the story below

Adversity is said to build it, and old houses to have it in bucketloads. But when it comes to character, Kiwis fail the test more than any other group, in the eyes of Australia's immigration authorities. The overwhelming majority of people sent packing from Australia for failing the character test are [Maori] New Zealanders, regardless of whether they have lived in Australia since childhood.

The New Zealand Government is not happy about it and has urged expats to seek Australian citizenship to protect themselves. This decade, about 30 New Zealanders have been sent home each year for failing the Migration Act's character test, according to the federal Immigration Department. The highest number was 41 in 2007-08, the last year for which statistics were compiled.

Kiwis dominate the statistics because as an immigrant group of half a million they are overrepresented, second only to the British. But they are also over-represented in prisons, making up 11 per cent of NSW inmates born elsewhere.

New Zealanders are the only nationality able to travel freely to Australia on special category visas. But these visas can be - and frequently are - cancelled when they break the law. This week a "one-woman crime wave" faces deportation after losing appeals to a 2004 ruling. Patricia Toia, who has been in Australia since she was one year old, was jailed 30 times for crimes including robbery, assault and trafficking heroin.

Australia is also about to deport Stanley Taurua, 47, who has been in Australia since age 14 and has served almost 10 years in jails for a series of violent offences. He told a tribunal: "Yous say my character is repugnant yet it is the very one Australian culture gave me."

A New Zealand Foreign Affairs official, who said the wave of deportations was "unfortunate", said: "Patricia Toia and Stan Taurua are essentially Australian in all but name [but not in ethnicity]." But because they had not taken up Australian citizenship, he said, they had left themselves vulnerable. [What's "vulnerable" about going back to N.Z.? They can have their own marae there, which they can't do in Australia]


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