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Well, the press is having a field day, and Australia has apparently just joined the Ku Klux Klan it would seem.

This, of course, is a total and utter pack of lies. Shameful, disgraceful, pernicious lies.

The Rise of Middle Eastern Crime in Australia is an article I’ve referred to in comments, but will post here as well. I encourage everyone to read it. If you want some honest background on what this is really all about, this is the article that will provide it.

In other news:

The latest SMS messages from our Muslim friends:

"All Arabs unite as one, we will never back down to anyone the aussie's (sic) will feel the full force of the arabs as one `brothers in arms',"

"Unite now lets (sic) show them who's boss `destroy' everything gather at cronulla . . . spread the message to all Arabs."

Last night’s events:

At Lakemba last night, more than 400 Middle Eastern men, many with bats, bricks and iron bars, gathered at the mosque. Police tried for two hours to disperse them.
This report neglects to mention that many in the (Muslim) crowd were sighted armed with Glock pistols. Yes, that’s right, they’re armed with Glocks, we’re armed with a 'conscience'. Great odds, don’t you think? And did the police move on such a flagrant and dangerous situation? Of course not. It’s far easy to point at white people and scream racist. Far, far easier.

The worsening violence was sparked on Sunday [by] a 5000-strong alcohol-fuelled mob . . .
No it wasn’t, it was sparked nearly two decades ago, when these Lebanese Muslim crime gangs started taking over Sydney (except for Cabramatta – they don’t go anywhere near Cabramatta), and the NSW police were too spineless to stop them.

They're too spineless still.


The serious Indymedia loons are now oozing from the closet:

mossad operation linked to riots

Several people were hospitalized and others were arrested as violence spread to nearby suburbs later Sunday night. Some in the crowds where identified as israeli mossad agents provoking and directing the attacks the mossad operation began with a staged attack last week on two beach lifeguards, while the mossad agents where posing as men of Arab origin.

Since then, jewish infested local radio talk shows have broadcast lies to instigate unrest and have carried out a cell-phone text-message campaign calling for violence.

Local people have been used by mossad operation to further their agenda of stealing land in the Middle East.
No guesses as to the political leanings of this character.

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