The Battle Begins?

Riots have broken out around Cronulla (a suburb of Sydney), the area descended upon by thousands of people today in answer to the Lebanese Muslim gangs that sought to ‘take over’ the beaches by assaulting local families and beating lone surf life savers.

Beach erupts into violence

ANGRY crowds have singled out and bashed people of Middle Eastern appearance at Sydney's Cronulla beach as racial tension erupted into violence.
Fascinating that the condemnation has been purely directed at those who have sought to respond, to fight back against an act of blatant racism, intolerance and violence acted out almost a week ago by roving Muslim gangs.

Fascinating that the condemnation of 'racist attacks', that actually began a week ago, is only appearing now, when ‘we’ respond.

There is only one bright side to this whole, tragically sorry affair; a situation bred of decades of social experimentation at the hands of the Leftist multi-culturalists: creatures who will never have to pay the price or even see the true cost of their shiny-eyed idealism. These men of ‘Middle Eastern’ appearance are unbelievably stupid. To act now, while their numbers are so low? To show their violent hand while they are still a significant minority? Our lesson is France, of course, and the rest of Europe, now so inundated that capitulation is really their only recourse.

Not so here - yet.

Update: violence has broken out again this evening around Maroubra: large scale vandalism, spurred by Muslim gangs once again, as they now roam the streets in cars, taking to passing people and parked cars with baseball bats, seeking vengeance for today’s events; events they wilfully started last week. Casualties have begun. One young man has now been stabbed, protecting a group of three girls he was with, all of whom were set upon by yet another carload of men of ‘Middle Eastern’ appearance. They threatened to rape the three women, apparently; the lone 26 year old man moved to defend them (odds these creatures seem to rather like). He was knifed in the back (of course). No news yet of his status, other than the fact that he arrived at hospital with the knife still lodged in his back.

Update II: reports are circulating that some of tonight's roaming (Lebanese) gangs are carrying firearms. The streets are not the place to be. This is just absolutely terrific, isn't it. . .

Bring on the quarantine. Bring it on now.

Update III: ". . .up to 50 carloads of youths have smashed over 100 cars with baseball bats and other weapons in the eastern beach suburb of Maroubra, in apparent retaliation of the Cronulla beatings. "

The young stab victim was 23, not 26. He's been admitted to St George Hospital, and is listed as serious. No news yet as to who he is.

Update IV: apparently a group of 50 local people chased after the car smashers on foot. Further reports of trouble at Kyeemagh and Brighton Le Sands (beachside suburbs - south Sydney).

Update V: one Leftist paper's take this morning (1:07 a.m.) - 'The violence followed a week of simmering tension following an attack the previous Sunday on two lifesavers.'

Oh really? That's all this is about, is it guys? The bashing of two lifesavers? No - sorry - as bad as that was, that's NOT all this was about. Families out for a day at the beach have been systematically singled out for assault (and their men for beatings) by these nasty little bastards, and you know it. How absolutely typical.

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