Thug rule - no go areas

Coming in on the news, five areas of NSW are going to be no-go zones this weekend, members of the public are asked not to go to these areas, Cronulla, bondi, knobbys beach, maroubra, wollongong, I can't say for sure if thats all.

I remember when those terror suspects were arrested a few months ago, there was speculation that there were more suspects, bomb making, did they catch all of them, Sydney a potential target etc. Prime minister Howard reassured us, to go about our business, trust our law enforcement, state and federal and live our lives, even premier Iemma said the same. However when it comes to criminal thugs, its different, much worse than a potential suicide bomber.

NSW Premier Iemma and police commissioner Moroney, held a press conference this afternoon asking the public not to go to these areas even though there will be an extraordinary police presence everywhere. You will need a really good reason to get past police to access these areas/beaches. The commissioner has even said he would not take his own family to any of these beaches and urged Sydneysiders to pursue other activities. Perhaps knitting, or leaving town altogether, head for the hills.

They will be providing us updates from under their desks later on, as its all too hard, even with more powers and more tough talk, the thugs are too much, we can't protect the law abiding citizens anymore.

Yesterday I heard reports that police stations were not flying the Australian flag, well people, unfurl the white flags, its all too much, open your wallets, the thugs will be coming around later for protection money, hope your not too attached to your legs. Perhaps use this weekend to draw up terms of surrender.

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