To all of our readers, I and the other contributors wish you happy, joy filled and wonderful Christmas. It’s a been a fascinating year for us all, I think: eventful, seminal. We are seeing some amazing seed changes in global politics, none of which is more amply demonstrated by the fledgling democracy now taking root in Iraq. Coupled with that, we are also seeing significant changes in attitudes toward that same action and others, and from some surprising places. After all, who would have believed we’d start to see results like this. Actually, I would, for one, and for a very simple reason: the truth will out; the truth will set us free.

And at its core (and its simplest), that, for me, is what the conservative creed is all about: freedom.

Have a tremendous Christmas. Stay safe and stay free. And thanks so much for sharing your time and your thoughts.

It’s a wonderful journey, this life.

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