A VSU challenge to leftist scum

Most of this article is just highlighting the mental meltdown leftists are having over the VSU legislation and it is posted over at The Asylum. Normally I would post the whole thing here as well but it contains some harsh language and I am too damn hungover to be bothered editing the whole thing. So head over there and read it if you want.

I will however post the last bit:

What it comes down to is that the only services on campus that are going to be under threat are those that the majority don't want - namely your leftist bullshit agendas and that is why these leftists are so up in arms about it. Of course they trot out bullshit concerns about childcare, sports (who knew they considered big group wank session games like Soggy Biscuit a sport?), student advocacy, etc but what they are really concerned is their treasonous agenda. They know it will have no support among the majority of students and they are pissing their pants over it.

And ya know what? Here is a challenge to any and all leftist shitbags currently at university. I am willing to bet that a majority of students would be happy with paying a small fee for a competent student advocacy service so here is what I want you to do.

I want you to form a group dedicated solely to Academic Student Advocacy. A student gets accused of plagiarism, you are there. A student is accused of breaking some rule or code of conduct, you are there. Some students have a disagreement with each other and front a disciplinary interview with the Vice Chancellor which could result in failing a unit/suspension for x number of semesters/expulsion, you are there. A student (or group of students) is unhappy with an exam, course work, delay in getting results etc, you are there. And that is all you are there for.

You collect a small fee from each student willing to pay (and maybe a slightly larger one if someone joins because they need you at short notice) and you fully account for every single cent you acquire. You freely distribute how you spent that money to all on campus (so those who are hesitant to join you at first can see that their money is not being wasted), all done via an independent third party.

Do this and.........bah! Who am I kidding? You leftist scum will just steal money from these hard working students and say you are an Academic Advocacy service, but it will only be a matter of weeks before you issue a statement like:

"The Howard government is planning to give everyone more tax cuts. This will impact badly on students' academic lives so as your academic advocacy service, we are going to use your money to buy spray paint so we can deface government offices, wire cutters so we can go break out illegal queue jumpers (your money will also be used to hire buses to take us out to the detention centres), and to pay the medicals bills for the numerous injuries we will sustain while trying to fight the police and terrorize their horses. Remember we are doing this as your academic advocacy service because all the things listed directly affect your academic whatever"

Nope. As usual it will fall to someone on the Right to provide real benefit to people and to provide services students actually want.

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