Muslim scum pounded by police. Film at 11...

Sorry, I shouldn't say that. There is no film of it.

But I have it on good authority that it did happen the last couple of nights.

Muslim scum in other states see the rioting by muslim scum in Sydney and think it would be a good idea to try the same thing here. And they did. Only our police were actually ready and waiting for them to try it. And when they did, well, let's just say our police stop little shitheads trying to cause trouble before they turn it into a full blown riot.

Now most of you, I would imagine, have already read Tim Priest's The Rise of Middle Eastern Crime in Australia (please do so if you haven't already) and seen what a complete mess the scum in the Labor party and gutless police commissioners have turned the NSW police force into.

And it appears the scum here assumed our police were in the same sorry state and have been unpleasantly surprised the last couple of nights. And a lot of that is due to our Police Commissioner, Karl O'Callaghan.

Regarding similar sms's to what were circulated in Sydney going around WA, O'Callaghan had this to say:

"I do make the point that the violence that we have seen occur in New South Wales is the result of pressure building up over time as a result of a specific social issue that is not evident in Western Australia," he said.

Stripping away the politics and professional courtesy he is pretty much saying "You tossers in NSW have caused this by letting the muslim scum get away with everything for years and people have finally had enough. Because we in the WA police don't let this scum walk all over us, we don't have these problems."

He goes on to say

"I am not concerned that the particular issue in New South Wales will spread to WA."

Now as long as we have a treasonous Labor government in power, there is always the risk that it will spread here. But I am gladdened to hear O'Callaghan say it more than if it were someone else and I'll tell you why.

From all the police officers I have spoken to, from beat cops to traffic patrol, to detectives, and forensics, the general consensus is that O'Callaghan is a "police" Commissioner. His primary concern is the welfare of his officers, not playing politics. And the officers in the force appreciate that.

While not every decision he has made has gone over well, he has made getting police out to the front lines a priority and has made sure they are properly equipped, resourced, and supported. And the police on the street do recognise that. Actions speak louder than words as it were.

O'Callaghan has made a point to ensure our police force is an effective unit that can deal with any situation, so it is unlikely he will allow his officers to be walked over by scum like has happened in NSW.

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