Mixed Signals

The Liberals are now in full damage control mode. Prime Minister Martin, obviously trying to distance himself from Reid said,
"There's no doubt in my mind that parents are going to use it for the benefit of their families."

"They're going to use that money in a way that I'm sure is responsible. Let there be no doubt about that."
Meanwhile it didn't take Reid long to issue an apology. In describing his remark he said it was
"...a dumb way to make my point."
Ok, he got raked over the coals for his idiotic remark and apologized. Note his choice of words however. He said it was "a dumb way to make my point" - emphasis on my point. Obviously he still maintains that Canadians aren't capable of making decisions with respect to their finances - he's just sorry for using such a moronic analogy. Martin just said that he's sure Canadians would spend the money responsibly but his official spokesman disagrees. Who are we to believe? If the Liberal Party leader and Prime Minister of this country can't even agree with his official spokesman on such a simple matter can we believe anything they say? Talk about hidden agendas.


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