Britain Bends Over. . .Again. . .

My favourite people, the French, once again display their European bona fides:

EU leaders agree new budget plan

European leaders have agreed the next seven-year EU budget after two days of tense talks ended in the early hours. The UK gives up 10.5bn euros (£7bn) of its rebate, some 20%, while the budget grows to 862.4bn euros, helping to fund the development of new member states. In return, France has agreed [to diddly squat] to a budget review in 2008-2009, which could lead to cuts in farm subsidies.

Could, but it won’t. Just watch as the great Nostraozark makes his latest prediction. When the eventful time arrives, France will say: 'vas te faire encule'.

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair said the deal allowed [us to take it bottom wise] Europe to move forward, avoiding a serious crisis [aka, upsetting the dewikate Fwench]. Referring to budget commitments to new, mainly east European member states, he told reporters: "If we believe in enlargement, we had to do this deal now. [read: if we believe in ‘enlargement’, well, a solid reaming is precisely what we need!]

Mr Blair later told the BBC that had Britain walked away from the compromise deal it "would have wrecked" London's relations with the new EU members and the new German government.
Oh really? Wrecked relations with the sensitive new EU members? And the new German government (poor, precious little things that they are)? And nothing of France’s intransigence over its bloody farm subsidies? Oh, no, of course not! All evil Britain’s fault! Always!
Polish Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz, whose country will get 4bn euros more aid than the UK had at first proposed, punched the air and shouted "Yes! Yes!" when the deal was done.
Woo, hoo, I bet he did. . .

French President Jacques Chirac, long at odds with the British leader over budget, praised Mr Blair's movement on the UK budget rebate.
Mmmmmm - gotta love that 'movement'. Want to hear what Jacques really said?

No problems. Here t’is:
Mon cher, cher Monsieur Blair. C'est un cul serré, mûr et merveilleux que vous avez. Laissez-moi vous prendre maintenant!
Now - select and copy the French text, go here, paste the goods into the ‘Translate a block of text’ window. Select translation ‘French to English’ and click ‘Translate’. . .


PS: that goes for the other Fwench bits, too. . . special prizes for the readers who understand Jacques' pain. . .

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