One Rule for Some. . .

Well, the NSW Police are now hard at it clobbering evil 'white supremacists' (99% of Australia's population, if the MSM's latest polls are anything to go by - example poll question: 'Are you an evil racist bastard?' Answer: 'Oh yes, I'm a very, very evil racist bastard.' Yep' - sounds pretty much like the kind of answer I'd give).

And as heavily armed tree branch weilders are shoved into solitary for the term of their natural lives (well, four months, but who's counting). . .
The Herald observed police talking to at least four young men of Middle Eastern appearance in West Botany Street. The police officers had confiscated two baseball bats but did not arrest any of the men.
I guess they must have been off to play some baseball? Either that, or. . .

In crushing the evil 'white supremacist' tree branch man - well, I'll just let a few of these truly amazing comments from some of our esteemed leaders speak for themselves:

Magistrate Ian McRae said the stiff penalty was needed as a deterrent for such extreme anti-social behaviour: the men told police they had just come from Cronulla and claimed they had been harassed by a group of people of Middle Eastern appearance.

NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said the swift sentence sent a strong message to the community. "The message that must go out to people now is that if you go to this type of event and you enjoy a boozy Sunday afternoon and you ... go somewhere else and the police catch you, you may well pay with the loss of four months of liberty," Mr Scipione said. "If that's not a strong message, I don't know what is."

NSW Premier Morris Iemma said police were satisfied with the prison term, but Opposition Leader Peter Debnam said the man should have been sent to prison for years.
I think it's pretty safe to assume we're all totally screwed.

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