Multiculturalism - a coercive government racket

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In his latest article for The Australian newspaper, one of our most prominent "multiculturalist" academics, James Jupp, has inadvertently admitted what anti-statists have known all along - that "multiculturalism" is nothing more than a government-sponsored, taxpayer-fleecing, racket.

Jupp states that "for 30 years, Australia has officially been a multicultural society" and claims this was "a sensible response to mass immigration". Recognising the challenge to "multiculturalism" posed by the recent Cronulla riots, Jupp suggests that the "central problem" of "Australian" multiculturalism is that "it has been preached to the converted and especially targeted at ethnic communities" without being properly explained to the Anglo-Celtic majority, from whom the rioters were primarily drawn. Jupp defines multiculturalism by the condition where "no single ethnic, racial or religious group...can call itself Australian to the exclusion of others", but if "multiculturalism" is supposed to be against "exclusion", why has it been "especially targeted at ethnic communities"?

In other words, Jupp effectively admits that the government chose to overthrow the cultural identity of Australia without bothering to inform the incumbent ethnicity, precisely the opposite of an "inclusive" policy. Indeed, Jupp argues that "official multiculturalism" has been too "self-congratulatory", and that there hasn't been a great enough effort to propagate the Gospel of Diversity to the unwashed masses, among whom "widespread prejudice" apparently festers.

But does this mean Jupp and his multiculturalist allies should admit failure and leave us alone? On the contrary, Jupp maintains "there are many reasons for believing" that "multiculturalism" has not failed, as "every leading public figure, government and Opposition, state and federal, denounced the rioters", which implies that "official opinion leaders are agreed on the desirability of maintaining a harmonious multicultural society". But should we really be particularly surprised if pigs are unanimous on the issue of full troughs?

Despite claiming that "multiculturalism" has not failed, Jupp contradicts himself by implying that it has not worked yet either. Jupp argues that "multiculturalism will not work until it is placed back in the centre of national policy rather than being left to the states and territories" which has allegedly been the case "since 1996". So how does Jupp intend to breath new life into the multicultural corpse? By doing what statist thieves have always done since the beginning of time - confiscate our taxes and freedoms in order to enrich themselves and their fellow criminals.

Jupp calls on the Australian government to steal more of our money than it already has ("public funds", as he calls them) to "support ongoing research into real-life situations on the ground in areas of actual or potential conflict", otherwise multiculturalism "will not work". He also suggests that multiculturalism will fail so long as "politicians and some sections of the media play the race card to earn support and approval", and that "tiny but poisonous racist groups" will have to be "crushed" by the "force of laws" that are in place to prevent "racist" thought-crimes. Note that Jupp admits that the existence of certain "tiny groups" is more than enough to pose a grave threat to "multiculturalism" - which speaks volumes for how utterly arbitrary and shallow his ideology really is.

Most incredibly of all, Jupp believes that "multiculturalism" will not work until "those who support multiculturalism" are no longer "denounced as elites, latte drinkers or doctors' wives, among other epithets" by opponents, which is especially amusing given Jupp's previous admission that multiculturalism is almost entirely driven by "official opinion leaders"; doubly amusing given he also calls for the intervention of "sporting figures and entertainers" against "racism and exclusion".

Thus, in order to sustain "multiculturalism", not only must we ramp up government censorship and consent to higher taxation on ourselves, we will also have to abstain from any criticism of either "multiculturalism" or its supporters! In short, we are being asked to abrogate our status as a free country so that we can save "multiculturalism" from extinction.

In other words, according to one of Australia's leading academics on (and a supporter of) "multiculturalism", his own pet project, which has apparently neither succeeded nor failed, is so fragile that it cannot withstand the mildest ridicule from its opponents, it cannot survive in the absence of "public funds", and it "will not work" unless we increase the intensity of government censorship against "racism". Yet in the true Orwellian fashion that befits statists of all stripes, Jupp claims he is advancing this disgraceful, treasonous, totalitarian ideology in the name of upholding "social harmony" and a "liberal framework of ideas and institutions".

Fellow freedom-fighters, this is what we might call "a moment of clarity". We have been told to our faces that we must sacrifice our wealth and our liberties on the altar of "tolerance", for no conceivable benefit other than the benefit accrued to a diabolical power elite of liars, conspirators, traitors, tax-thieves, communists, and outright criminals. How we respond to this coup d'etat is entirely up to us, but I know that I will not rest, that I will not give up, that I will not let my mortal being slip into eternal oblivion until the architects of this monstrous edifice are chained to one another in a damp cell for however long the Creator chooses to extend their earthly misery.

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