Historic Elections in Iraq

This from the BBC Front Page -

Millions of Iraqis have voted to elect the country's first full-term government since the US-led invasion, drawing praise from around the world. US President George W Bush described the vote as "historic".

Election officials reported high turnouts even in Sunni insurgent strongholds such as Falluja and Ramadi. The UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, said the process had gone very well "so far" and urged all Iraqis to accept the results of the voting.

Now see whats on the headline at cnn.com -
Freezing rain blasts across Southeast
Firefighters clear a road in Cowpens, South Carolina.

I guess bringing good news out of Iraq might be good for George Bush, can't have any of that, afterall if that war mongerer had not had the balls to liberate, sorry invade/occupy, the iraqis would have been voting for their beloved dictator.

'Iraqi ballot counting begins', is way down the bottom of the page. Why even 'Sex con dupes Amish senior, police say' is considered more important.

Hostile media?

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