The Long Pitching Arm of The Law

I was lucky enough to catch this footage, and it was priceless!

Seven in contempt for O'Shane shots

THE Seven Network has been found in contempt of court after it illegally broadcast footage of high-profile New South Wales magistrate Pat O'Shane.
Footage of her doing what, precisely, I hear you ask. . .

The footage was shot by a Channel Seven news crew at Ms O'Shane's Sydney home on October 18, a day after she made a controversial decision to dismiss charges against a drunken pedestrian accused of swearing at police. Ms O'Shane has accused the film crew of trespassing on her property while filming.
Which they probably were, given they were following her down her driveway, trying to ask her questions. Sounds all very harmless, doesn’t it. But what did she do then?

Magistrate O'Shane sought a court order preventing the network from running the footage. . .
Oh, I bet she did! And I know why. . .

Channel Seven was ordered to pay Ms O'Shane's court costs.
Hmm – still no goodies on the footage, hey? Let’s correct that now, shall we?

I was wondering, as the camera followed her, the reporter calling out his questions, what old Pat was doing as she started casting about on the ground all of a sudden. Her abrupt drop, reach and subsequent pop-up should have been the giveaway, though. And once she’d got a few missiles in the old five-fingered launcher? Well, from the way the camera suddenly started dodging and jogging (much like those shots you see coming out of Iraq, from embedded camera men caught in a fire fight), I didn’t get the impression they were marshmallows the good Magistrate was hurling at that Channel Seven crew.

I didn’t actually hear any of the crew start screaming, but Pat’s rate of fire was pretty impressive; that’s one hell of a fine pitching arm she has there.

Maybe she should meet up with these guys:

They could compare notes. . .

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