Some riots are more equal than others

This a cross-post from The Asylum of an article by Michael Cooper. It does contain some harsh language so if you are easily offended by words, don't read this posting. Or go read it at The Asylum and then bitch to me about being offended so I can laugh at you, offend you some more for being offended by words, and then post your email so everyone can laugh at you too.

Wow! The Aussies are finally starting to fight back against the Islamists who blew up Bali and continued to chuckle about it under the umbrella of Australia's free speech. I guess they're laughing out of the other side of their mouths today, as they're getting beaten to a pulp by Aussies not wanting to be kicked in the face anymore.

Predictably, the usual leftist douchebags in the media are decrying the Australian riots as "racist." Gee, what a difference a month makes. Islamists burn several cities in France to the ground, fight with police, then douse gasoline on an old lady in a wheelchair and set her on fire, and they are given every excuse in the book by the "mainstream" media. They're poor. They're disaffected. They're not allowed to fellate goats like they did back in the old country. Blah blah blah.... Well boo fucking hoo.

But once an Aussie actually sticks up for himself and his country, he's automatically a Neo-Nazi. I'm calling bullshit to that. There's no way there are that many nazis living in Australia, but that's how far we've sunk in the West. Any attempt at protecting ones country from Islamist invaders is considered "racist." On the other hand, Mohammed cutting peoples' throats, demanding special prayer rooms at work, or "honor-killing" his sister is considered an appropriate exercise of his "cultural" rights. Give me a fucking break.

It was only a matter of time before the dam burst. Mohammed and his ilk are FINALLY getting a taste of their own medicine. Let me say for the record that I feel terrible for anyone who simply "looks" Arab that is being attacked, but let's be honest. The vast majority of people being attacked are Islamists who laughed their asses off when the Aussies were blown to bits in Bali and high-fived each other as the Twin Towers came down. They've snickered long enough, and now it's time to pay the piper. The West has only just begun to fight back.

Isn't it also funny how the media and leftist scumbags (but I repeat myself) don't mention that the drunken yobbo dipshit "racists" who attacked the poor gangs (who just want to rape women freely without retribution) also attacked Australian-looking police and ambulance officers? Could it be that by attacking those people, it shows that it wasn't so much racism on their part but a general desire to fight and cause trouble, so leftist scumbags and the media (but I repeat myself) can't report that because it will expose just how full of shit they are?

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