Culturally sensitive

Here we go, its started already, the spines have been locked away, the waffling and bending over has started.

Mr Iemma said he would hold a meeting with community leaders on Monday afternoon to address the problem. "I've called for a meeting of community leaders ... starting with the Community Relations Commission and leaders of the community from within the Lakemba area representing the Lebanese community, the Muslim community, as well as community leaders from Sutherland Shire are meeting here at 2.30pm this afternoon to do a number of things," he said.

"Firstly, there is the police response and the response to ensure order and safety in our streets. "Secondly, part of the response (is) to take the heat out ... and to lower the temperature, to get the hotheads to understand that they pull their heads in or they get locked up."

Mr Iemma must have been in a cave the last couple of days, the heads we up and the law was being broken merrily and the premier is still warning and threatening [remember Paris, meetings were held, furious debating, angry finger wagging, scolding, threats etc, all from under tables in safe offices]. But it's not only him who is being culturally sensitive, check Seven News.

A series of apparent revenge attacks - including two stabbings - occurred overnight following the unrest at Cronulla, where more than 5,000 people gathered on Sunday.

Drunken mobs within the crowd yelled racist chants and chased down and bashed people of Middle Eastern appearance at the beach in an extended show of violence. Police and an ambulance crew were also assaulted as racial tensions peaked.

Note how middle eastern is used to portray the victims in cronulla, by the way I'm not questioning the authenticity of the indicidents, I'm sure they happened and the perpetrators need to be punished. However no such description is afforded to other victims or their attackers in another area, I have to assume its just political correctness again.

A total of 25 people, including two ambulance officers, were injured and about 40 cars were vandalised at Maroubra as the unrest spread to other beachside communities.

From that you just assume it was the non middle eastern side that did this in Maroubra as well, or just unrest caused by a few martians, but we know better.

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