Will the Real Bigots Please Stand Up?

On the heels of his "Alberta can blow me" remark, Paul Martin mouthpiece Scott Reid has once again shot his mouth off and made himself look like an ass. I haven't seen the clip in question but CTV News is reporting that Reid, while on a CBC program, suggested that parents could blow the child-care money they would receive under a Conservative proposal on beer and popcorn.

For the readers here at A Western Heart, the Martin Liberals announced a massive spending increase of $6 billion to go towards institutionalized child day-care. The Conservative proposal is not only more fiscally responsible it is structured entirely different. The CPC proposes to issue a rebate, much like a tax credit, whereby Canadians can choose how and where to spend it of their own accord as opposed to having Big Brother do it for them.

Back to the original point. I have two problems with that remark. First, I think it demonstrates the ideological differences between the CPC and the Liberals. The Conservatives believe that a larger net or disposable income is a good thing. So do I. The Conservatives believe that we are the best judges on how to spend our money. So do I. The Conservatives believe in personal responsibility. So do I. The Liberals are of the opinion that Canadians are too stupid to make those types of decisions on their own thus the state must do it for them. The Liberals are of the belief that personal responsibility is a faux pas and seek to increase the role they play in our lives thus increasing our dependency upon them. Well I for one am sick and tired of government interference in my personal affairs. I'll decide for myself what to watch, what to eat, what to read, what to listen to and where and how to spend my money - I don't need some sniveling little state-endorsed turd doing it for me. Stay out of my frickin life.

Secondly, I can't believe the stereotyping garbage coming out of his mouth. Holy cow if a Conservative had said that about a welfare recipient the media (read CBC) would have been all over it for weeks. Who is the scary one here?


Update: Blogging Tories member Proud To Be Canadian has the video clip.

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