Nazis at Cronulla? Check their flag

Note the report below:

"Extremist groups accused of links to neo-Nazis have admitted mobilising more than 100 people to attend the riots in Cronulla. Jim Saleam, the New South Wales secretary of ultra-nationalist group Australia First, said his members had recruited up to 120 people for the rally but denied they were involved in violence. "We do have some local supporters and these guys mobilised their family friends, mates, work-mates, associates, every Jack and Harry, to come," he said.

NSW Police Minister Carl Scully confirmed that extremists had taken part in the riots. "There appears to be an element of white supremacists and they really have no place in mainstream Australian society," he said. "Those sort of characters belong in Berlin 1930s."

Skinheads wearing boots, braces and neo-Nazi emblems were among the mob of 5000. Three far-right organisations -- Australia First, The Patriotic Youth League and the Newcastle-based Blood and Honour -- handed out pamphlets. All three are considered to have neo-Nazi links. Australia First and the PYL deny any association"

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A lot of Australia's Leftists are getting a great thrill out of having some real racists to bash but for once the media report is pretty accurate. The few real racists around did of course turn out for the anti-Muslim campaign but they were only a drop in the bucket as far as the totality of those participating was concerned. And as someone who has been researching Australian neo-Nazis for many years (See here and here) it surprises me not a bit that they took no part in the fighting. Most of them value their skins too much for that.

The amusing part is that the "Nazis" used the Eureka flag (white Southern Cross on a blue background) to advertise themselves. Australian Nazis normally use the Australian flag or a swastika flag. For many years in Australia, the Eureka flag has been the favoured icon of Australia's small "revolutionary" LEFT -- because it was first flown in a rebellion against authority by miners in 1854. So it would not surprise me to find that many of the "Nazis" are in fact ex-Trotskyists. Trotsky is of course associated with internationalism rather than nationalism but, for far-Leftists, hate is their only real motivation, with ideology being a superstructure that can be (and sometimes is) changed at will. The change from anti-Nazi to pro-Nazi and then back to anti-Nazi attitudes among Australian and American Communists in the 1939 to 1941 period may be recollected. And from history, Trotsky is certainly a superlative example of hate in action. The Nazis at least used to take prisoners of war. Trotsky didn't. Those he captured while he ran the Red army were simply executed. And, as the always well-informed Keith Windschuttle points out, Australia's best-known "racist", Andrew Fraser, is a Marxist academic of Trotskyite origins who is supported by other Marxist academics. And, as is often noted, in Hitler's Germany a lot of the "Red" street thugs made the conversion to being Nazi street thugs with great ease. They just swapped one form of socialism for another. They went from Stalin's allegedly "international" socialism to Hitler's forthrightly national socialism. And the antisemitism of the modern-day Left is also well-known, of course. The more things change the more they stay the same.

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