Update #5 Suspicious Trading

In the latest episode of TrustScam we have CARP's executive director William Gleberzon denying he received a call from Finance Minister Goodale's office - that is until it was pointed out to him that the person who placed the call admitted to doing so prompting this reaction,
"I did speak to him - I shouldn't have said that I didn't, but I did." Gleberzon told Tomlinson. Gleberzon told Tomlinson.
A brief recap. Liberal Finance Minister Ralph Goodale announces on the evening of Nov 23 that he will cut taxes on corporate dividends. The afternoon of the 23rd sees an unusual surge in trading leading many analysts to conclude news of Goodale's announcement leaked out in advance. Then, in an interview with CTV News Wednesday night Gleberzon claimed to have received a call from a senior policy advisor in Goodale's office.
"The day they made the announcement they phoned us and said something is going to be said."
Gleberzon added that the information was of a general nature and that nothing specific was discussed. The following morning (Thursday) CARP issued a statement denying such a call took place. They also denied having any advance knowledge of Goodale's announcement. (you can read the statement in an earlier post) As a result Gleberzon now maintains he had misspoken.
CTV's Kathy Tomlinson talked to Gleberzon after the release was issued. He confirmed what he had said in the previous interview, but now maintained he had misspoken.

At first, Gleberzon said no one from the finance minister's office had contacted him about the interview.

When told that the finance ministry's communications director, John Embury, had already admitted to calling Gleberzon Wednesday night, he explained:

"I did speak to him - I shouldn't have said that I didn't, but I did." Gleberzon told Tomlinson.
He also said that Embury told him,
"We don't want to coach you, we don't want to tell you what to say, we just want to know what to prepare for."
As I stated in other posts, although I have no idea who knew what and when they knew it, it definitely looks as if there was an information leak. Many financial experts are saying it's all but a certainty. Gleberzon and CARP may have nothing at all to do with this but somewhere someone may have said something. How else can one explain the surge in trading preceding the announcement? How else can one explain this story from financial emagazine Bloomberg. (note the timestamp) CTV News also claims to have been told by credible sources within financial circles that advance info was indeed making its rounds.


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