"Insensitive" to Depict a Hellhole as a Hellhole

There are few misfortunes that can befall a human being which are greater than being born in Communist North Korea. I will spare readers details of the brutality and the millions of deaths from starvation but I hope most readers have heard of it already. Just to the South, however, is the wildly prosperous, capitalistic and democratic South Korea. So you might think that the Korean Southerners, of all people, would want to get the word out about the vast suffering among their cousins to the North. But it just aint so. Computer games that give any sort of negative view of the North are banned in South Korea! We read:

"Ghost Recon 2, designed for Xbox players, is one of a host of new video games in which the virtual bad guys are North Koreans. But if the Korea Media Rating Board has its way, the game boxes will be stamped "Banned in Korea." While American game designers see North Koreans as diabolical enemies, South Korean game censors say they see North Koreans as wayward cousins. Unhappy that North Koreans are replacing Nazis and cold war Soviets as all-purpose bad guys in electronic battle games, the Korea Media Rating Board, appointed by the president of South Korea, is putting out the word to foreign game makers: check with us before you pay for a translation.


It took a lot of American blood to rescue South Korea from a Communist takeover similar to what has happened in the North but if the North are just "wayward cousins" maybe America should not have bothered. Though the South Koreans are hardly alone in allowing "sensitivity" to elbow out truth.

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