Enough Is Enough.

Just a little background to the violence in Sydney overnight.

Muscling up on beach gangs

The beach has been the scene of two violent incidents in the past week - an attack on two lifeguards on Sunday and a brawl yesterday in which a gang of youths allegedly turned on a media crew.

Beachgoers and witnesses have told the media that youths of specific ethnic origin [Lebanese Muslims] have been going to the area in groups to cause trouble and intimidate people, including young women, for two years.

Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Goodwin said the major operation was designed to curb loutish behaviour. ``At this point we've got an operation running,'' Mr Goodwin told reporters. ``We are taking it very seriously ... we are here to ensure people's safety.'' Mr Goodwin said police were aware that a series of text messages had been circulating among locals urging them to take revenge at the beach this weekend.
Whose safety, Mark? Clearly not ours. The fact is, you’ve been too terrified to tackle the real instigators of this violence, who have been carrying out racist attacks now for years. God, how this pattern just repeats and repeats and repeats. . .

But police would not tolerate any anti-social behaviour, he said.
Actually, it very much seems like you do, Mark, hence the bloody backlash.

``The Australian way is about coming to the beach with your towel and sunscreen, and maybe a book, and lying back and relaxing,'' Mr Goodwin said.
I couldn’t agree more, Mark. Shame certain religious/ethnic groups don’t seem to agree:

Gangs turn Cronulla beach into war zone

NICOLLE Dunk has been swimming at Cronulla since she was a toddler, but now the 17-year-old refuses to go to her favourite beach alone. She has been harassed and assaulted by thugs of Middle Eastern descent [Lebanese Muslims] who come to The Shire to threaten and intimidate.

"They kick sand into your face and scream the most disgusting abuse for no reason at all. A lot of locals are too scared to surf down here any more," she told The Daily Telegraph yesterday.

As police played down a culture of gang violence at one of Sydney's best known beaches in the wake of the bashing of three North Cronulla lifesavers last Sunday, locals told a different story:

Another Cronulla local told how little girls taking part in swimming lessons at the beach were warned to keep their sun protection shirts on as they left the water after thugs called them "little tarts".

Others described the abuse of a pregnant woman because she was taking up room on a stair way to the beach as one of the most shocking recent incidents at the beach.

The father of a 16-year-old girl said she had been too afraid to return to the beach after she and two friends were asked if they were virgins by a group of men.

When she failed to respond the gang told her she would be carried off the beach and it was only when she spotted a friend nearby that the two girls were able to escape.

Locals said the behaviour of aggressive groups of youths of Middle Eastern descent had become progressively worse in recent years.

"I am not racist against their ethnicity, I am reacting to their behaviour," one surf life saving source said.

"There are a lot of people who go to the beach just to have fun and do the right thing."

It can also be confirmed that Sunday's brutal attack was not the first, with a council lifeguard chased by a machete wielding man two years ago.
I’m most certainly disgusted by all of this – disgusted that it’s been allowed to go so far and for so long. Where have the shrieks of ‘racism’ been while the above has been happening? Where the outrage? The condemnation? The ‘firm action’?

Of course, the Left is squealing, but the real problem, the ‘root cause’, lies with the Left’s tiny little collective mind: no one is capable of racism, unless they’re white. Of course, the upshot is that by turning a blind eye to this type of behaviour, once again they leave the victims, the poor bastards on the ground who have to wear the violence and the intimidation, with little alternative but to take matters into their own hands - that is if they want it to stop.

This episode is an absolute disgrace. I, however, absolutely refuse to condemn the people who took that action yesterday, especially given the pattern of wilful inaction from the authorities over the last two years. Far from demonstrating intolerance (arguably, quite the opposite has been demonstrated here, given the facts), put quite simply, everybody has a limit.

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