Seems some of the young Muslims posting at Islamic websites have a good deal more in the ‘smarts’ department than some of the recent commenters to this site:

Muslims shamed by gangs

YOUNG Sydney Muslims have posted messages on an Islamic web forum saying the city's Lebanese gangs need to be taught a lesson because they are giving Muslims a bad name.

One message says: "It is about time drastic measures are taken to put an end to these idiots once and for all, because I, like other Muslims, am sick of being tarnished with all this crap … The Lebanese community has suffered immensely. . ."

Another says: "These idiots need to be taught a lesson … Makes you wonder what type of parents they have."

A separate posting indicates that anti-social behaviour by the gangs is not confined to the Cronulla area. It says: "I've seen it too many times at Bondi and other eastern beaches — I feel ashamed to be associated (with) some Lebs."
I guess we must discount what they say, however, as I see absolutely no evidence of a survey or study to back up their (racist?) commmmmments – op - can’t – be – can – what – gak - ogg - [sorry, small short circuit there] - and as we all know, we can’t have an opinion without simultaneously publishing our evidential bona fides in the form of a detailed (and thoroughly credited and footnoted) survey or study, oh, no, no, no.

Be prepared (or warned - or just plain bored)!

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