Socialized health kills

Daily Mail - NHS doctors are prematurely ending the lives of terminally-ill patients, experts warn today. They say patients are wrongly being assessed as close to death, then denied food and fluid and sedated with a ' chemical cosh' until they die. This 'tick box' approach can make it harder to see signs of improvement, creating a 'self-fulfilling prophecy' that they will die. Meanwhile, relatives have to endure the agony of watching their loved ones being refused food and drink. The claims come in a open letter from six experts in palliative care.

Daily Mail - A string of errors by psychiatric staff allowed a convicted killer to claim two more victims, a report will say today. Peter Bryan killed Brian Cherry at his East London flat and ate parts of his brain just hours after his discharge from a London mental health unit. The schizophrenia patient, now 39, later strangled a man at Broadmoor hospital after staff apparently failed to monitor him. Today, an independent inquiry is expected to highlight serious failings by staff who believed Bryan was “no longer a danger”. The findings are based on two separate reports which NHS officials have taken years to publish.

Americans are right to be afraid of socialized healthcare and the rest of us ought to wake up to it and start calling for it to be abolished, before it's us who are 'ticked off' or us who pay the price of someone else's bungle.

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