Jihadists convicted, waiting on the sentences

Khaleej Times - Three British Muslims were convicted Monday of plotting to murder thousands by downing at least seven trans-Atlantic airliners in simultaneous attacks designed by al-Qaida to be the deadliest terrorist strike since Sept. 11, 2001. Abdulla Ahmed Ali, 28, Assad Sarwar, 29, and Tanvir Hussain, 28 were found guilty at Woolwich Crown Court in London of leading a plan to detonate bombs on aircraft bound for the United States and Canada, using liquid explosives hidden in soda bottles. Four other men were acquitted of conspiring to bomb airliners, but admitted lesser charges — and in one case conspiracy to murder. An eighth man was cleared completely.
According to the Daily Mail, they are facing life behind bars, but I won't believe it until they really are sentenced to life in jail, never to be released. Even then I will not believe that they got life in jail, until their worthless corpses are buried. You all know what happened to the Lockerbie bomber, they put him away for life, he will pay, rule of law, justice and all that shit. And look what happened, the scumbag is back in Libya with his feet up, taking in life.

Sure that useless scumbag obama and his equally useless secretary of crap clinton waffled about how upset they are at the release, how they were remembering the victims and all that. Give us a break, the guy was released and you couldn't do shit. You're nothing more than a damn joke, only good for pushing law-abiding Americans around and shouting at poor Africans for daring to ask a question.

Coming back to these scumbags, they haven't killed anyone, so in all honesty I doubt very, very much that the useless excuse for a justice system in britain will lock them away for even 10 years. Odds are, they'll be put away for 10 years with korans, halal meals and all sorts of ass-polishing to keep them comfortable and then they'll released straight on welfare for life and secret identities to protect them from angry Brits.

In a just world, the lot of them would be lined up, shot and buried with pig crap, on a pig farm, ass facing mecca.

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