A quagmire of our own making

News.com.au - A NEIGHBOUR of convicted pedophile Dennis Ferguson says he deserves a fair chance following a New South Wales politician's bid to have him removed from his Sydney home. Ferguson, 61-year-old, who has previously been run out of communities in Queensland because of his past convictions for child sex offences, has been living in public housing in the Ryde area of northwestern Sydney for the past two weeks. ......A current neighbour of Mr Ferguson said he deserved a chance.

"What do we do with him? He's got to live somewhere," she told the Fairfax Radio Network. "He's an elderly man now, he's frail. "Until he does something wrong, what do we do?" The woman, Mary, said she had no idea who Mr Ferguson was when she met him, but appreciated the work he had done in a community garden. "I just found him to be a very gentle and kind old man, the type of person you were happy to have as a neighbour. He wasn't a drug dealer," she said.
This piece of crap was convicted of kidnapping and raping 3 children over 3 days back in 87. He's served his time and he has to be let out, now he won't get a job anywhere, so he'll live off welfare for the rest of his worthless life. They'll provide him housing, food, lights etc all on the taxpayers tab. As you can see everywhere he's been moved to, the locals soon find out and want him out of there.

I hate to say this but this is a problem that we have foisted upon ourselves. My view is that he should go to jail and be put in a chain-gang for the rest of his life, never to be released, plain and simple. But very few Australians out there actually want this, if they did, why aren't they demanding their politicians to change the damn laws. I've heard very few people calling for this on talkback radio and that's generally more conservative.

Some would say execute pedophiles like him, which is fine by me, but not enough of us will support such laws. So what else can happen, we won't lock him away forever and we won't execute him but we don't want him living amongst us either. Well where the heck is he supposed to live then, where we can monitor him.

I hate to say it, but some of us seemed to have adopted the position that as long as it's not my child that's in danger from this scumbag, it's all good, he can live anywhere. The way I see it, we either suck it up and let the scumbag live in our suburb or we demand that he be locked away for life or executed. One or the other and the sooner the better, what do you think?

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