Die by the sword

News.com.au - A US student has killed a burglar with a samurai sword, slicing off his left hand and severely cutting his neck after he spotted the intruder in his garage, police allege. ......Police received a call for help at 1.20am Tuesday (3.20pm AEST) after the burglar pried open a side-door into the garage of the house, which four students rented off the campus, Baltimore police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said.

"They asked him to stop and while they called police, the suspect lunged at the student. He then retaliated by striking him with a samurai sword, severed his left hand and gave severe lacerations to the upper torso," he said. The burglar, who was in his late 40s, had a history of burglaries and had just been released from prison on Sunday, he said.
Good for that student, well done, I'm glad he did us all a favor. It's quite obvious the piece of crap that broke into their house has a history of doing this and had no plans to stop. Either way, even if it's a first time offender, it's fine by me, the crim doesn't have to kill someone first before they're deemed acceptable to be defended against.

If you don't like that the crims hand was cut off and he was killed by the sword, then I suggest you don't break in to people's homes, it's quite simple really.

If only the rest of us would view basic human rights in the same fashion as most Americans, instead many of us have to be raped, robbed, bashed, beaten and murdered and still have no legal means to defend ourselves with weapons that criminals have no problem getting and using.

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