Those who enable our liberty and freedom

ABC News - Two boats carrying asylum seekers have been intercepted off Australia's north-west coast. Authorities say one of the boats was intercepted late yesterday afternoon north-west of Darwin and was carrying 12 passengers. The second boat was found north of Ashmore Reef and had 28 passengers and 4 crew on board. All on board the boats are on their way to Christmas Island for security, identity and health checks. ......Nine boats have tried to enter Australia illegally in the past month, bringing a total of about 470 passengers and crew.

7News - Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan insists none of the government's stimulus package was wasted despite more than $80 million worth of payments going to people living overseas. Centrelink has confirmed 68,812 people living abroad received up to $1400 each, a total of $82.2 million, Fairfax reports.
One things for sure folks, we in Australia certainly have money, and plenty of it, free healthcare, millions thrown around after illegals, food, housing, healthcare, welfare, free needles for crack addicts, free this, free that. It's like the land of milk and honey the way our government is spending and funding all sorts of schemes and groups. You'd think that with all this money being flushed down various toilets, that we'd easily have a couple of thousand for those that protect this nation, those that lay down their lives so that the above mentioned parasites masquerading as politicians and leaders can have fun with all them dollar bills. Think again folks. - A PREGNANT war widow will be allowed to stay in her government-owned house for another year, as the Federal Government and defence officials attempt to hose down a row about compensation arrangements for the loss of her soldier husband in Afghanistan. The Government has ordered an urgent departmental investigation into the circumstances facing Breeanna Till, who is also looking after two of Sergeant Brett Till's children from a previous relationship. Ms Till was facing the loss of her southern Sydney home, which is owned by the Defence Housing Authority.
You see that's not the worst of it, this widow who looks after the children of the brave soldier that paid the ultimate price for this nation only receives $305 a week from the bureaucratic scum who aren't fit to clean his shoes. We apparently have millions and millions to piss away on people who don't even live here, on people sneaking in through the back door but only a piddling 300 bucks a week for those that guarantee their lives.

Oh, and these scumbags only decided to let her stay in the house for another year because the media and the public arrived at their door with buckets and buckets of shame to pour all over them. Only the stench of shame, the withering looks and scarifying words could make them do the right thing. I still remember the zeal with which the defense department went after our SAS because their own computer system screwed up and double-paid them, heavens above, it was almost as if the SAS had snuck in at 3am and stole their children's Christmas toy money! If only they'd go after pedophiles, rapists and mass-murderers with such zeal.

Our prime minister will stand before the camera with a grim face telling us how much he values their sacrifice, how wonderful they are and how sorry he is when one of our finest falls, but when push comes to shove, krudd is nowhere to be found. Sorry folks, no time or actual support for our soldiers, he's far too busy fighting the war on carbon, leading the way for the world you know, the end is nigh, the time is now to bankrupt the nation, you must give up so much so I can ponce around on the world stage like some sort of super-fairy.

A word of advice to western nations as the world's only good superpower ham-strings, hog-ties and de-balls itself in the pursuit of hope and change, careful when you kick sand in the face of your soldiers and abandon their loved ones in their time of need. The western world is not superior to the rest of this planet because we have two brains in our heads, look better, are 10 feet tall or won some planetary lottery. We are far better off and far more powerful than our numbers should allow us because we are free citizens with rights and liberties that few others enjoy. These are not provided by thousands of lawyers, organizations of sniveling weasels, great orators and other bureaucratic parasites with rules and regulations that no one understands.

It is because men are ready to bear arms, man the gates, protect the walls and do what they need to do; all in the knowledge that they have rights, their families have rights and their sacrifice will be remembered and their loved ones will always be looked after. If we start abandoning them and their families, then we no longer deserve the protection they provide, the rights we enjoy and the freedom they guarantee. If we have no money [which is not the case here], then we go without and realign our priorities. If we love our freedom and liberty, then we must honor and protect that which enables both.

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