Associated Parasites

FOX News - Defense Secretary Robert Gates has harshly criticized the decision by the Associated Press to distribute a photograph of a Marine who was fatally wounded in Afghanistan -- even after the young man's father called the wire service and asked that the photo not be released. Gates, in a letter sent Thursday, called the decision "appalling," and went so far at to ask the AP to reconsider distributing the photo of Marine Lance Cpl. Joshua M. Bernard of Maine.

Referring to Bernard's parents, Gates wrote to Thomas Curley, the wire service's president and CEO: "Your lack of compassion and common sense in choosing to put this image of their maimed and stricken child on the front page of multiple American newspapers is appalling. "The issue here is not law, policy or constitutional right -- but judgment and common decency."

......Bernard's father, after seeing the image of his mortally wounded son, told the photographer that he opposed its publication, saying it was disrespectful to his son's memory. John Bernard reiterated his viewpoint in a telephone call to the AP on Wednesday. But the AP decided that the news value of the photograph trumped the request not to run it. "AP journalists document world events every day. Afghanistan is no exception," Santiago Lyon, the wire service's director of photography, said. "We feel it is our journalistic duty to show the reality of the war there, however unpleasant and brutal that sometimes is."

What a bunch of bastards eh. Well maybe one day in the future some AP reporter will get a bullet in the ass and when they turn around begging for help, the Marines will say, hey asshole, it's a war you know, shit happens, suck it in scumbag. But they won't, the Marines and the Armed Forces of the United States are better than the worthless parasites and scum that infest the AP.

When they get their just deserts, and they will, if you hear them crying for some help or assistance, remember how they treat those that guarantee theirs and our professions.

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