Islamists want cops to work around ramadan

SMH - About 100 police - including the riot squad - had to break up a crowd that threw bottles at police as officers raided four homes in Auburn last night. An officer was hit in the face in the raids, during which police allege they found two stun guns, cannabis, a large sum of cash, a handgun and ammunition. The raids were carried out about 6pm yesterday by the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad in response to recent shootings in Sydney's south-west, police said.

Three homes in Cumberland Road and one home in Normanby Street were targeted. As a crowd of 150 gathered during the raids, police called in the riot squad, police helicopter and the dog squad. "The crowd gathered and [the confrontation] escalated in a matter of five to 10 minutes," Detective Inspector Mick Reynolds said. However there was no violence and no one from the crowd was arrested or injured, police said.
The SMH doesn't mention that these were muslims carrying on, I suppose it might hurt the precious sensibilities of the multi-culturalists frozen-in-awe at the glorious cult of islam and its followers. I didn't hear it in the news reports either that these were muslims, but we all knew they were when radio 2GB played a recording of one of these savages who called in last night to explain why him and a 100 of his buddies all turned up last night to carry on like a bunch of baboons all holding each others testicles.

Apparently 'the boyz got really upset bekos the coppers came at the time the boyz were breaking the fast and the coppers knew this and they targeted the boyz'. You see folks, because it's ramadan or some pig-humping festival for muslims, the law-enforcement authorities need to be sensitive to their various primitive activities and hold off on enforcing the law. Never mind that no other religious community gets these special considerations, these are muslims you see, and because some warlord pedophile told them that they're "special", they are entitled to get special treatment.

The moron that called in didn't say anything about why his special boyz and galz were caught with a stun gun, pot, cash and guns though. Perhaps they think that because they're muslims they're entitled to own these items when no one else is. You can never put anything past the religion of supremacy and intolerance.

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