Must not hate Obama?

The Left sure hated George Bush. They must have run right through the English vocabulary in finding ways to express their loathing of him

"Nearly 100 demonstrators lined the streets outside a Tempe church Sunday to protest what they consider hate speech. Last month Pastor Steven Anderson delivered a sermon at the Faithful Word Baptist Church, near 48th Street and Southern Avenue, entitled "Why I hate Barack Obama."

In response to that sermon and several subsequent controversial comments by Anderson, the People Against Clergy Who Preach Hate held a Love Rally Sunday outside Anderson's church. "It's hard to believe we could have someone of a religious nature wishing our president was dead," said protester William Crumb.

Several of Anderson's parishioners, who declined to identify themselves, defended their pastor's sermons. "I hate people that hate God," said one Faithful Word parishioner. "As far as I know we live in America, we have freedom of religion, freedom to assemble and the freedom of speech," added another Faithful Word parishioner.

Protesters say they'll continue to picket Faithful Word Baptist Church so long as Anderson continues to preach what they consider hate.


True to form, the Left are trying to shut down speech they don't agree with.

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