Tea'd Off & Standing Up

Although considerably smaller than the humungous rally in Washington, District of Corruption, my daughter and I had a Tea Party of our own on Saturday, 9/12/09.
With just the two of us in front of the local court house, we were far fewer than the crowd back East - which was estimated at nearly one million - but by God, we were there, standing up for what we believe in.

The vast majority of the people who drove past honked, gave us the thumb's up, or waved and grinned, but there was one fat boy on a (non-American made) motorcycle who shouted, "Go tea-bag yerself, ya f**cker."

I didn't even bother to respond - just smiled - and later remarked as how I'd bet $5 that the boy had welfare money in his pocket and a Food Stamp card in his wallet....

About half an hour later, he came a-put-puttin' back up the hill, and the daughter spotted him, saying, "Isn't that the guy that shouted at us earlier?"
I said it was, and just started laughing...couldn't help myself.
It was a good, full-throated belly-laugh at the look on the heckler's face.

The punk on the rice-burner just shook his head and rode past without even gracing me with another snot-assed comment.

...liberalites truly hate it when you laugh at 'em.
He'd given me his "best shot" earlier, and yet there I was, still standing, and LAUGHING at his whole sorry existence.
It's said that the Devil can't touch you when you laugh at him - I figure that's 'cause he's a liberalite, too.

By the simple act of laughing, I not only repudiated everything he "believes in", but also conveyed a simple, more direct message:

"You liberalites aren't even worth the effort it'd take to get pissed off about ya."

So, I exercised my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS on Saturday.
Today, my brother, my son and I took some of my rifles and pistols and exercised our SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS - defending the local shooting range from some rampaging, truly savage inanimate targets.

We were utterly victorious.

Simply put:
The Founders put the SECOND Amendment in the Bill of Rights to DEFEND ALL OF OUR OTHER RIGHTS!

Thus, exercising our First Amendment rights against the pukes in government NOW is a lot better than being forced to exercise our Second Amendment rights later.

DO NOT allow the further socialization of our nation and further bloating of our government to go unanswered.

........and laugh at 'em..........

Just don't make the mistake of underestimating them.

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