Pile of trash wins Art award

Stuff - Art buffs have trashed the pile of rubbish which won this year's Waikato National Contemporary Art Award, describing it as embarrassing for the community. But Waikato Museum director Kate Vusoniwailala leapt to the defence of judge Charlotte Huddleston, saying it was "an excellent decision" which had helped achieve the objective of getting people talking about art. Berlin-based Dane Mitchell picked up $15,000 for his entry, Collateral, which consisted of the binned wrapping from other award entries tipped on to the floor of the Waikato Museum, in line with his written instructions submitted to gallery staff.
And this is the damn fool that judged the above pile of trash as the winner. I don't know what to say folks, it's just unbelievable. The damn fool awarded $15,000 to the 'artist' that tipped over the pile of trash.

Pretty soon an artist will just arrive at some gallery somewhere and crap on the floor and all the judges will be walking around it carefully examining it and nodding their heads approvingly, before awarding it some sort of prize. Takes the expression, Art-my-Ass, to a whole new level doesn't it.

$15,000 to tip over a can of trash, good work if you can get it I'd say. Hat tip Crusader Rabbit.

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