An uncouth boor for a prime minister - KEVIN Rudd has launched another expletive-laden tirade -- this time directed at Labor's factional bosses, including three female MPs. The outburst two weeks ago left the hardened ALP operatives shocked. The factional leaders had gone to see the Prime Minister in his Parliament House office to object to government plans to slash MPs' printing allowances from $100,000 to $75,000 a year. The decision was in response to a report into parliamentary perks by the Auditor-General.

According to sources present, Mr Rudd said: "I don't care what you f---ers think!" He then went on, singling out Senator David Feeney declaring, "You can get f---ed", before asking, "Don't you f---ing understand?"
You'd never hear of John Howard carrying on like this pig of a man, it's bad enough that the fellow is a socialist merrily flushing our hard-earned down the toilet, it's bad enough that he's leading us towards that wretched carbon trading scheme that's going to tax us on just about everything from food to fuel, but that's not enough for the left, they also want Australia to be represented by this ass of a man.

If you won't do anything in the interests of the nation Kevin Rudd, at least pull your damn head in and stop embarrassing us. It'd be real swell if you could bring some respect back to the office of the Prime Minister; use some of you money to hire someone to teach you some manners or at the very least, don't let it get splashed across the evening news for all to see and hear about.

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