Islam and the West

Daily Mail - A Cabinet minister has raised fears of a return to 1930s fascism, comparing modern right-wing groups to Oswald Mosley's Blackshirts. Communities Secretary John Denham's comments came as he announced a drive to prevent white working class people being 'exploited' by extremists. He singled out protests being organised by the English Defence League, some of which have turned violent over recent months. Hundreds of supporters are expected to gather in Trafalgar Square tomorrow.

Yesterday protesters from the Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) group were involved in a demonstration outside a mosque in Harrow, north east London, to mark the anniversary of the September 11 attacks. Ten people were arrested. ......The clashes on Friday afternoon came after a right-wing extremist group protested against the construction of a new five-floor mosque next to the Harrow Central Mosque. ......During one skirmish, a white teenage youth was chased by a mob of up to 200 chanting demonstrators. Muslim supporters - some covering their faces with bandanas - could be seen throwing rocks and bricks while one group trampled a wire fence as the two groups goaded each other.

There have always been two ways to deal with the problem of islamic dominance, violence and their supremacist goals. The first one is the one I favor and still do. Every time some muslim scumbag starts prattling on about jihad and toppling the western world, he/she should be on the first plane out. I don't care if they were born here or their parents were born here, first plane out; if it's against the law, then change the damn law. There should not be and never should have been things like foot baths and prayer rooms set aside for muslims in public or publicly funded institutions.

If there are schools found to be teaching jihad and hatred of Jews or Christians, close it down, teachers shipped out and that's that, the same for mosques. Wage jihad upon us like those terrorists from Somalia and it's death or prison, then shipped out. If this was the sort of environment that muslims faced in the west, the intolerant and violent amongst them would not have come here. This would have set an example to them and the others who don't want to wage jihad upon us wouldn't bother either. It's like an incentive to them and all immigrants to keep their noses clean.

The second way, which seems to be the way many western politicians want or are too stupid to see is what we will get, is the one above. The average westerner is angry, and rightly so; their politicians, talking-heads and elites have failed them and in some cases, sold them out. They are protesting and calling for action but they get nothing but the same old, insults, smears, spin and bullshit. So they are angry and they will lash out, expect this sort of violence to grow and spread because no one is listening to them and innocent people will get caught up and hurt.

It doesn't have to be so, option 1 is still available to any who have the will and the vision to adopt it.

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