One Down....

AMERICA "got one" tonight!
Thanks to Glenn Beck - and a whole mess of other ordinary Americans like me and my online "right-wing extremists" - the self-avowed communist, van jones, resigned from Pharoah barack's "basement cabinet", and is no longer the "Green Jobs Czar".

He "resigned" because he called republicans "assholes" (hell, I've done that MYSELF on more than one occasion), and because he somehow "accidentally" signed a 9/11 truther petition with other intellectual lightweights like ed asner and ganine garofolo.

No a peep about his radical ideology, racism, or his blatant hatred of America as it is.
I'll take whatever we can get, but I'm a typical American: I'm greedy and I want MORE!

We nailed one "czar", but there's a whole mess of others that need to be booted, as well as the next slime that the Sacred Sock Puppet tries to slither into the newly vacated regulatory eco-terrorist position.
We need to delete those "positions", not just shoot down the punks the Chicago thug puts in them....

Next on the list should be cass sunstein.

That bozo actually believes that ANIMALS should be able to file civil law suits in American courts (naturally, with the benefit of kindly, disinterested, TOTALLY un-self-serving lawyers).
This punk also wants to stop people from "meat-eating", as well as flat-out BANNING all hunting!
Right now, he's waiting Senate confirmation before taking over as "czar" of the “White House Office Of Information And Regulatory Affairs”, where he'll be able to push all kinds of "change" on America through the BACK DOOR OF BUREAUCRAP'S REGULATIONS.
...unhindered by the ugly necessities Congressional legislation or those pesky Constitutional checks-and-balances.

We Americans have to end the rule of the czars, not just play "Whack-A-Mole" on the jackasses who fill those slots.

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