Obama betrays the cause of liberty

News.com.au - US President Barack Obama has shelved a Bush-era plan for an Eastern European missile defence plan that has been a major irritant in US relations with Russia. He said a redesigned defensive system would be cheaper, quicker and more effective against the threat from Iranian missiles.

NRO - Neither Obama nor Gates wanted to say much about the 800-pound bear in the room: Russia. Moscow has criticized the deployment of missile defenses in Eastern Europe on the absurd grounds that ten interceptors pose an effective challenge to its own massive arsenal. All along, its real goal has been to weaken the influence of the United States and NATO in Eastern Europe and elsewhere. Our retreat on missile defense advances Russia’s goal.

It betrays a pair of key allies, particularly the leaders who took political risks to support a plan that had met with some skepticism. Five months ago, at a speech in Prague, Obama saluted their efforts: “The Czech Republic and Poland have been courageous in agreeing to host a defense against [Iranian] missiles.” But those are mere words. Today’s actions speak louder. The president has sent a chilling message about American resolve in the face of Russian saber-rattling. Georgia, Ukraine, and the rest of the world have learned a disturbing lesson.

This is a betrayal by the left, who have always had an infatuation with tyrannies and more recently, jihadist tyrannies. It's not a betrayal by the right, but to those who have been cut loose and left to the mercy of commie scum, it's a moot point, it doesn't matter. They'll only see America. I feel sorry for them, as it is if you criticize the commies in Russia, you'll end up shot and killed. Imagine living next to such a country and finding out that you now have to face them alone.

In many ways, it should be a wake-up call for the rest of us too, but I know it won't. The rest of us jogged merrily down the road of socialism, safe in the knowledge that free healthcare and welfare for crack-addicts and other useless parasites is better than securing the nation. Good ol' Uncle Sam will keep us safe, just spit in his face every now and then and stupidly chide him for not following us down the same road. Now that he has come a few steps down that road and finds that free healthcare costs money and all those illegals cost money and propping up fannie and what-not also costs money, he's going to have to cut some spending.

Couple that with the current presidents penchant for kissing the asses of tyrants, jihadists and all sorts of haters and today it's Poland and Eastern Europe, tomorrow it'll be Western Europe and where's Australia again? But few will see this and wake up, why should they care if Russia starts muscling Poland and some other European country around, we're still stuck on, hopey-changey, yes we can, obama got a puppy, yes we can, yay!

By the time Poland becomes the "Democratic" Republic of Poland, with one party and one commie stooge in power for all eternity, it'll be too late. The lesson we'll then have to unwillingly learn; very easy to just scrap a missile defense system, cut allies loose, and prattle some lies and to the media as they momentarily pause from groveling at your feet, but very expensive and difficult to build a actual missile defense system, short or long range.

Yet more evidence of why terrorists, tyrants and all sorts of evil scum the world over wanted obama to win. Enjoy freedom while it lasts.

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