Now they know what it feels like

Daily Telegraph - A teenage robber shot dead by police at the Canley Heights Hotel early yesterday morning was the younger brother of two men convicted over the shooting of Senior Constable Glenn McEnally six years ago. Tavita Taufahema, 18, was shot by a detective as he and a 16-year-old alleged accomplice held a man hostage after robbing patrons at the hotel.
The senior constable they are talking about was shot and killed 6 years ago. He was also someone's son, they stole his life in cold blood and they left a policeman's family with a life sentence of grief. The two scumbags who shot him are serving a maximum of 11 years for murdering him. And the smart money is on them getting onto the welfare queue when they get out, as life-long parasites.
Tavita's 16-year-old friend faced Parramatta Children's Court today, where it was revealed he allegedly held up a Chinese restaurant in Yagoona and fired a 9mm Smith & Wesson pistol, two nights before the Canley Heights hostage saga. he teen, from Guildford, is charged with 15 fire arms offences, robbery and detaining the hotel's night manager, Ninos Shlaimon, to obtain an advantage.
Funny how all our mountains of gun-control laws that are supposed to keep us warm and safe failed to keep a 16-year-old piece of shit from getting hold of a gun and using it to commit various crimes. Too bad he wasn't also shot, if you ask me.

I read at the leftie SMH that the sperm-donor of these scumbags is now alleging that the cops targeted his son, never mind that the cop who shot him was from another state and he was wearing a balaclava. That's the mentality of this crowd, it's never them you see, it's always someone else. TV, society, racism, bigotry, whitey; heck I'm waiting for these scumbags to start blaming Christopher Columbus next.

The father also said that his loving son, was a good kid and promising rugby player. Off course he was, you see him and his boy-scout friend were helping little, old ladies cross the streets on that monday night after they had just finished baking cookies to raise funds for cancer research. As you'd expect they were quite famished after all these good deeds and decided to get some milk while they were strolling along in the middle of the night singing kumbaya.

They just happened to be walking past the hotel and decided to wander in and out of the blue this nasty gun ran into the hotel and jumped into one of their hands and OH-MY-GODLESS, one thing led to another and all the white imperialists inside jumped to the wrong conclusions and well, you know the rest.

Anyway, all the BS aside, now they know what it feels like, I have no pity for scumbags like these. Judging from their names, I don't think these people are from Australia so if it's all too hard for them, if they truly believe the cops are out to get them and all that; well there are flights leaving Sydney every couple of hours people, feel free to F@#! off.

I just hope and pray that the cop that did us all a favor doesn't feel guilty for doing what he had to do.

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