Rewarding bad behavior

Daily Mail - Motorists should be made legally responsible for all accidents involving cyclists, even if they are not at fault, say Government advisers. ......It comes after ministers suggested allowing cyclists to ride the wrong way down one-way streets in an attempt to encourage more people to switch to two wheels. The proposal by Cycling England is modelled on regulations in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany, which are heavily skewed in favour of cyclists. Even in cases where a crash results from illegal or dangerous manoeuvres by the cyclist, the motorist is usually blamed.
So let me get this straight, a lot of cyclists on our roads behave like a**holes, holding up traffic, running red lights and generally doing whatever the heck they feel like on our roads. Most normal human beings would look at such a situation and say, well they're behaving badly so we should punish them in some way, more police, traffic fines, that sort of thing. But no folks, we're talking the leftist government of Britain here, not ordinary fools like you and I.

You see these brainiacs figure that to get rid of bad behavior or to encourage a certain behavior, you have to reward & encourage people to be a**holes. Think about it, if you tell a cyclist who is being an a**hole on the road that from now on it'll never be his fault, do you think that he'll try and stop being an a**hole, obviously not. Perhaps in this case, leftists hatred of motor cars blinds them to the stupidity of their proposal. Moving on.
Daily Mail- Here, in the second part of a fascinating series, she reveals her chilling findings - and exposes how the benefit system is breeding boys condemned to a life of crime and despair because they've never known the benefit of a loving family. . . When Prince opens his front door, the first thing you see is a machete hanging from a hook on the inside. As a drug-dealer living alone on a South London estate, he needs to be on guard.

......Yet Prince, who is of black Caribbean origin, has five children - by three different mothers - and sees them all regularly. So why did these women choose to have babies by a man they barely knew? Prince, who is 37, laid the blame squarely on benefits: 'Women get money from the Government; men get eradicated. What do you need a man for? The Government has taken our place.
For years and years, leftists and progressives have held single-motherhood and welfare as some sort of aspirational goal and basic human right. For years and years, we've seen that single-parent children are more likely to become criminals, stuck on welfare or some sort of useless parasite on society. But that never makes any difference to 'progressives', it's still full steam ahead with shoving fathers out of the way, throwing more welfare money at them, undermining the family unit and who can forget, more sex education delivered at an even younger age now.

But the rewarding and encouraging of bad behavior doesn't end there.
Daily Mail - Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang are being prosecuted under controversial public order laws designed to target yobbish and abusive behaviour on the streets. ......The charges relate to a heated conversation the couple had with the guest at their hotel in Liverpool in March. On her final morning before checking out, she came down to breakfast wearing a hijab, the traditional Muslim headdress. ......It is alleged they suggested that Mohammad, the founder of Islam, was a warlord when the guest challenged them about their Christian beliefs.

The woman also claims that the couple, who vehemently deny the allegations and say they were simply defending their faith, described her traditional dress as a form of bondage. The guest complained to police and the Vogelenzangs were charged with using 'threatening, abusive or insulting words' which were ' religiously aggravated'. The hospital where she was treated routinely referred outpatients to stay at the hotel. But when management found out about the court case they decided they could no longer recommend the Bounty House, leading to the catastrophic drop in bookings.
These poor people have now been forced to put their business up for sale, thanks to the unknown muslim. The hospital didn't bother to wait for the court case to be heard and a verdict handed down, they didn't bother to hear the side of the hotel owners either, they didn't care about the Christians rights. No, no, a muslim has been offended, all fall to the ground and slither around chanting 'allah akbar', islam is great. The other thing is that, can you believe such a law even exists in a western country, you cannot even defend your faith against a muslim anymore, what happened to free speech, what happened to property rights! Dream on infidel, a muslim has been offend, ass-kissing to commence in 4,3,2,1.... pucker up infidel scum!

Heck now that I think about it, you might not even say anything, for all you know, you and your infidel whore can stand there and tell the muslim, mohammed is a wonderful fellow, islam is great, etc. And all the muslim has to do is head to the nearest police station, demand that a female officer attend to her needs and remain standing to take notes and just lie through their teeth about the mean, nasty crusader and his bitch-wife wearing the Christian cross and that's it for you chump. Here's your court date and you can kiss your life good bye.

Anyone stupid enough to think that rewarding, appeasing and accommodating such behavior will not lead to more and more of it?

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